'Dementia Care' Cognitive Training Program for Dementia Parients 

Academic literature has confirmed that cognitive training can effectively improve the intellectual performance and quality of life of dementia patients, and to slow down the degradation process.

Cognitive Training-Delay the Degradation Process of 'Dementia'
Provide a wide range of Cognitive Training, including :
Reality Orientation, Memory Capability, Conjunctive Knowledge Use, Problem-solving Skills, Reminiscence Activities and Multi-sensory Stimulation.

Regular Case Assessment and Follow-up
Occupational therapists regularly perform assessment, recording and analysis of the intellectual capability of the patients, and provide them with appropriate treatment activities.

Intensive Cognitive Rehabilitation Traning
Mondy to Saturday, 45 minutes daily of cognitive training activities.

'Dementia Rehabilitation Program'-Cognition‧Physical Fitness Comprehensive Rehabilitation Treatment Program 
Program includes cognitive training and bodily function training. The aim is to provide dementia patients with appropriate activities to maintain physical and mental health, and to improve the quality of live.

Provide intensive cognitive and physical fitness rehabilitation training
Mondy to Saturday, 45 minutes daily of occupational therapy and 45 minutes of physiotherapy.