Mei Mao Keen Ying Home For Senior Citizens

Supreme Star Grade Facilities   Holistic Professional Care


  • Provide senior citizens with "one-stop" ongoing medical and health care. Through comprehensive care services and five star "home" environmental design, seniors citizens are able to enjoy their later lives with independence in a comfortable, cozy and supreme environment.

Around the Clock Caring Services by Professional Teams

  • Various professionals, such as physicians, nurses, nutritionists and social workers, are responsible for the services. Lectures on health, workshops or caring groups are help regularly to enrich senior citizens with health tips, and to help them maintain good physical and mental health.

Regular Comprehensive Health Assessment

  • Individual care plans are set for residents by health care professionals and social workers.

Provide Training Related to Rehabilitation and Cognition

  • Registered physiotherapists and occupational therapists help residents with weaker bodily functions or memory regain skills and capabilities for everyday living.

Accommodation Options

  • Single, triple and quadruple rooms are available depending on the individual needs of each senior citizen. A total of 54 long-term and short-term residential places are provided to senior citizens who are in needed.

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